SpringOneG2X 2015 has been announced. Pivotal will be returning the annual conference to Washington DC in September 2015. Each year the conference gains popularity. But with Pivotal saying adios to Groovy and Grails, I wonder if this will be the last year for Groovy and Grails at SpringOne?

I spoke at SpringOne a couple years ago in 2013. I’d like to speak again this year. I’ve submitted one idea I have for a presentation. Fingers crossed it gets accepted!

If you have not been to a SpringOne, the conferences are definitely worth attending. You will learn a lot, and its a great chance to meet people involved with Spring.

Watch the SpringOneG2X 2015 website for details!



The Grails team recently released the first milestone release of Grails 3.0. Probably one of the most notable features of the release is the transition to Gradle based build system. I feel this was long overdue, but I’m sure this was no easy task to accomplish. Also notable, is building Grails on Spring Boot which brings some really amazing capabilities.

Grails 3.0 Preview

Graeme Roacher, the baby daddy of Grails, has posted a preview video on YouTube. Worth taking a few minutes to watch. A lot of cool stuff!


You can download the latest version of Grails here.