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I’ve been a fan of IntelliJ for a long time. You’ll see me using IntelliJ in all my video tutorials. I started out on Eclipse. Even tried going back and using Spring Tool Suite on Eclipse. Found it unusable, and went back to IntelliJ. I’ve tried Netbeans in the past (although it’s been ages!). I […]Continue reading

Unit testing is the first level of testing software where you write test code that executes a specific functionality in the code to be tested. In most cases, you as a programmer are responsible to deliver unit tested code. The objective is to check if the unit of the software, for example a public method […]Continue reading

This is a simple hello world example using Spring Framework 4. We will use Spring Boot and Spring Initializer to get things kicked off easily. Video Tutorial Follow this quick video tutorial to get a Spring Boot starter project. Step by Step Instructions Get Starter Project from Spring Initializer Step One Go to the Spring […]Continue reading