Month: May 2016

This week, I had a student ask me how they could use a Java function to access the database from a Thymeleaf template. Thymeleaf is a modern templating engine. And accessing the database directly from Thymeleaf is certainly something you could do. But is it really something you want to do? I’ve worked for a […]Continue reading

It’s not uncommon for computers to need to communicate with each other. In the early days, this was done with simple string messages. Which was problematic. There was no standard language. XML evolved to address this and provides a very structured way of sharing data between systems. XML is so structured, but many find it […]Continue reading

Recently while working with Jackson within a Spring Boot project, I encountered an issue I’d like to share with you. Jackson is currently the leading option for parsing JSON in Java. The Jackson library is composed of three components: Jackson Databind, Core, and Annotation. Jackson Databind has internal dependencies on Jackson Core and Annotation. Therefore, adding […]Continue reading

When it comes to logging in enterprise applications, logback makes an excellent choice – it’s simple and fast, has powerful configuration options, and comes with a small memory footprint. I have introduced logback in my introductory post, Logback Introduction: An Enterprise Logging Framework. YAML is just one option you can use for Spring Boot configuration. […]Continue reading