Month: May 2015

Polyglot Programming Is the practice of programming in multiple programming languages. According to Wikipedia it is – In computing, a polyglot is a computer program or script written in a valid form of multiple programming languages, which performs the same operations or output independent of the programming language used to compile or interpret it. In […]Continue reading

This past week I had a real world use case for using Spring Integration Futures. I was looking into optimizing the checkout experience for a large ecommerce website. Consider what happens in a large scale website when an order is submitted. Typically, you will see a process something like: Validate the place order form information […]Continue reading

Object-oriented hierarchy may seem like a simple concept to grasp, since there are so many examples in life to illustrate it. This is not completely wrong. The basic idea behind object-oriented programming is simple. However, the problem is that there are certain details, finesses and tricky situations, that may not be obvious but demand a […]Continue reading

Testing software has many meanings, which are often confused. In the last decade or so, we’ve seen agile development methodologies go mainstream in the modern enterprise. These methodologies are often misunderstood and misused. Some times they assume you have clean testable code. Often, when dealing with legacy applications, you simply don’t. I’ve encountered legacy Java […]Continue reading

People expect computer programs to be accurate and precise when calculating numbers, and especially programs that perform monetary calculations and as a Java developer, sooner or later you will need to deal with monetary calculations. You may be tempted to use the primitive types of float or double for non-integer numbers. Both of these types support numbers with decimals. […]Continue reading

Spring Integration Gateways are one of my favorite features of Spring Integration. As a developer, you write an interface for the Spring Integration Gateway, and at runtime Spring Integration will provide you an implementation of the class via the Spring Context for your application to use. What is nice about this approach, the complexities of […]Continue reading