Month: January 2016

I’ve been a fan of IntelliJ for a long time. You’ll see me using IntelliJ in all my video tutorials. I started out on Eclipse. Even tried going back and using Spring Tool Suite on Eclipse. Found it unusable, and went back to IntelliJ. I’ve tried Netbeans in the past (although it’s been ages!). I […]Continue reading

One thing is for certain, the OS wars between developers is not a topic that is going away anytime soon. People can be very passionate about the OS they use. Windows has been the dominant OS for a long long time. I used to be a bing Windows user. But not anymore. Like the maid, […]Continue reading

The latest TIOBE index has Java language moving strongly into the #1 programming language for January 2016. If you’re not familiar with the TIOBE Index, it’s an index that looks at searches on the major search engines, blogs, forums, and Youtube (Did you know Youtube is now the second biggest search engine?) The “Popularity of […]Continue reading