Displaying List of Objects in Table using Thymeleaf

Displaying List of Objects in Table using Thymeleaf


A real common task is to display a list of objects fetched from the database in a HTML table on a webpage. Thymeleaf has a handy tag which allows us to iterate over a list of objects, and generate HTML code to display a table row for each object. The HTML generated really does not “need” to be a table row, but this a very common use case. Thymeleaf will simply generate the template code contained within the HTML div tags.

Typically, in your Spring MVC controller you will get a list of objects, and bind it to a property which is returned to the view layer. Ideally, your controller should be unaware of the source of the list. Often the source is ultimately a database access through a Spring service injected into the controller.

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In the video example below, I show you how to get bind a list of Java objects to a property in the model returned to the Thymeleaf template engine. Then I show you how to iterate over the list to generate an HTML table. At the end of the demonstration, I run the example in Tomcat using Spring Boot and show you the HTML code generated by Thymeleaf.


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